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Consignor Info

Why consign with PeCo Grows Together?

PeCo Grows Together was founded by 3 mothers who want to help you make
some extra money, more room in your house and get quality items at discount prices
for your little ones. Above and beyond this we want to give back to our community. At
the end of the sale all items that are left over will be distributed throughout Perry
County to help those who could use a little extra help. We are working with many local
agencies to get items to where they can best be put to use.

****Don’t forget consignors also get to shop the presale***

Consignor Q&A

  1. How much do I make when consigning with PeCo Grows Together?
    • Consignors make 70% of each item based on the final sale price. You are picking the prices so ultimately you pick how much you make!
  2. How do I submit my items?
    • Register your items on an easy to use online systems. Print tags and
      attach to each item and drop them off during the drop off time you sign up
  3. Is there a registration fee?
    • There is a $15 consignor fee for the first 300 items and $4 for every 100 additional items which will be deducted from your earnings before receiving your check.  That means no out of pocket cost!
  4. Do I need to be present at the sale?
    • Absolutely not. You bring the items to drop off and place them in the correct sections and we do the rest. You will receive a check in the mail 3-5 weeks after the sale. We do encourage you
      to send your friends and family to come shop. Remember the more
      shoppers the more money you make.

Consignors Get Access to Pre-Sale

The consignor presale starts on Wednesday, October 24th 6pm-9pm
New Consigner Registration

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