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Tagging Guidelines

Tagging can seem overwhelming but we promise it’s not that hard! Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Getting Ready:

  • Get all your sale items together
  • Check recall list to make sure no items are on the list  (www.cpsc.gov)
  • Wash clothes
  • Clean off all toys and make sure they have WORKING batteries
  • Put clothes together based on sizes to make outfits if needed
  • Use Ziploc bags to put smaller items together
  • Use zip ties or string to connect shoes 
  • Put clothes on hangers so the hanger opening is on the left or the hanger looks like the #2.
  • Pants can be pinned to the hangers or put on pants hangers.
  • Multiple piece outfits, please make sure everything is attached well so nothing falls off.  
  • Each piece of clothing should be on a hanger. One piece of clothing per hanger. To bundle clothing, tape the hangers together.


  • Only tags printed from our consignor site will be accepted.  
  • Tags must be printed on CARDSTOCK in black ink.
  • Tags should be attached to the front, right side of the item. If using a tagging gun make sure to tag on the seam or even better the original clothing tag so it doesn’t put a hole in the clothing.
  • Tags for other items can be taped on using clear tag.  Please do not put tape directly over the barcode.
  • You will be asked to decide whether or not you would like each individual item to be marked as 50% off at the end of the sale and if you would like to donate any unsold items after the sale. Remember if you are donating an item marking it 50% makes sense. A couple dollars for an item is better than no dollars!!

Pricing Guidelines:

Below is a guideline to help you price your items.  This is exactly what it says A GUIDELINE you may price your items how you see appropriate.  Just keep in mind that if items are priced much higher than other consignors items they may not sell as well.

  • Price items starting at $1

  • Bundle items together such as onesies, socks, hair bows ect, to reach minimum pricing

  • Most items sell well at 25-30% of the original selling price

  • Brand new items you can add $1-3 to selling price

  • Clothing often sells better when it is an outfit or multiple items on a hanger specifically in the smaller sizes.

T-shirt $2-4

Long sleeve shirts $2-4

Sweat Shirts $3-5

Jeans $3-5

Pants $2-4

2 piece outfits $3-6 could be more depending on size and brand.

Dress $3-5

Holiday Wear $4-12

Hats/gloves $2-4

Infant sleepers $2-4

Shoes $2-10

Coats $4-12

Snow Suits $5-12

Socks $2-4 (per bag)

Costumes $3-15

Dancewear/Dress up $3-10

Crib $50-100

Changing Table $15-50

Dresser $25-60

Bassinet $25-50

Toddler Bed $15-50

Character Toddler Bed $20-60

Gliders $20-75

Play mats $5-20

Swing $15-50

Jumparoo $15-40

Highchair $15-50

Pack N Play $20-40

Booster Seat $5-10

Potty chairs $5-8

Changing Pad $4-8

Umbrella Stroller $5-15

Single Stroller $15-45

Double Stroller $25-50

Bouncy Seat $8-18

Car Seat $ 20-75

Baby Carrier $6-50 (depends on brand)

DVDs $2-5

Video Games $4-10

Books $2-8 (bundle small books)

Play House $40-120

Slides $ 5-20

Bike $8-20

Plastic Ride on Cars $5-15

Kitchens/Tool Benches $10-60

Puzzles $2-4

Dolls $2-4

Little People sets $5-12

Boppy Pillows $5-10

Receiving blankets (bundle in sets) $2-4

Baby Blankets $2-5

Bottles (sets of 2-6) $3-8


Below are pictures showing where the tags should be placed as well as how to hang clothing on the hangers.










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